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Locomotor disorder rehabilitation ward

​Dr. Rabóczki Anita, Dr. Bakonyi Zsuzsanna

Our wards expecting patients willing to improve with 85 beds, where qualified staff with spacialists, physiotherapists and caring nurses help patients recover. Laboratory, x-ray and our denziometrial diagnostical background help the examination and monitor the state of patients.

The locomotor disorder curing deals with imflammatory- and degenerative spine and joint diseases, osseous system and muscular diseases, neurological pathography and the locomotor disorder manifestation of certain internal diseases. Besides these above mentioned we also work with the early and tardive rehabilitation of stroke and posttraumatic state, patients after surgery of amputation, traumatology,orthopaedy and neurosurgery. We also treat patients with different forms of infertility,, cronic gynaecological imflammatory, chronicity, pre- and after-treatment of gynaecological surgery.

The admission to the ward is done by registration in advance or in cases of postoperative rehabilitation it can be immediate.

Gastroenterological rehabilitation ward

Dr. Tóth-Daru Ágnes

Our ward presently offers 25 beds for patients with the following problems:

early rehabilitation after surgeries, artificial nutrition, cronic digestive diseases, reflux, ulcus, cronic pancreas imflammatory, diseases of liver and bile, colon diseases IBS, IBD, tardive treatment of patients with major stomach surgery moreover there is a possibility of the following examinations:

  • upper video-endoscopy
  • video-endoscopy
  • stomach ultra sound
  • laboratory tests
  • and wide range of physotherapy if needed gynaecological, rheumatological consultation

Climate therapy and medicinal water cures are perfect combination besides the medicinal therapy and dieting

Cronic internal diseases ward

​Dr. Tóth-Daru Ágnes, Dr. Huszti Györgyike

Our ward presently offers 25 beds for patients in the following cases:

The main duty of our ward is to after- treat patients from other hospital's cronic wards and the caring of patients suffering from known cronic diseases. Our patients mainly get admission to our hospital because of internal-, neurological-, diseases or stroke , but the number of patients with locomotor disorder is also significant.